Friday, January 6, 2012

Tampa, Fluke's return, and "Come in, stranger'

We are nearing the end of our week here in Tampa, but it's been a pretty eventful stop on the tour. 

We welcomed a new member into the MDQ Tour family: Steve Benoit.  He is understudying Elvis/Cash for the next few weeks, but is not stranger to MDQ or Cash or Elvis.  He was an understudy on Broadway and at New World Stages for MDQ, and was on the 1st National Tour of Ring of Fire, playing Man 2 or "Steve" (named for him, and the role I played when I did the show).  We had a couple of great Thunderstudy rehearsals to get Steve acclimated to the show, and to get us ready for a series of promos we are doing in Dallas early next week. 

Last night we were priveleged enough to be visited yet again by the legendary W.S. "Fluke" Holland.  I will never get tired of watching him play the kit, nor will I tire of his amazing stories of Cash, Elvis and his days on the road. 

So, the next few days will get busy as the Thunderstudies and I head to Dallas, and then re-join the cast in East Lansing for a cold month in the midwest.  I'll be back with more news from the road. 

P.S., I just wanna say that one of the best parts of being on this tour is being surrounded by amazing musicians and songwriters.  Our nightly guitar checks often become impromptu jam sessions, and a time for our cast to try out new songs.  Hope you enjoy these videos of Fluke playing Matchbox, and Lee singing a song he's working on. 

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