Friday, January 20, 2012

It's cold, y'all.....

Well, we're here in Grand Rapids, MI, and let me tell is COLD.  Now, I'm from Maine, so I am used to cold, but -5 with the wind chill for 4 straight days is a little much.  So, most of the cast has been staying inside and catching up on Netflix, songwriting, etc.  I used the last two days to go to the museums that are very close to our hotel; the Grand Rapids Public Museum, and the Gerald Ford Presedential Musem, both of which were well worth the price of admission, and very informative.  Right now it is a veritable blizzard outside, so I've spent the day uploading new pictures and videos, and....playing with my new iPhone!  Ya know, I had resisted getting one for so long, and had never really wanted to admit how cool they are.  Now, I am a true believer. 

We head to Detroit on Monday for two weeks, and I'm hoping the cold will let up a smidge, but I'm not optimistic.  I am however looking forward to opening the show in Detroit as Sam Phillips!  It's only the first performance in DEEE-troit, Rock City, but I'm stoked! 

I have neglected to post new videos for a bit, and totally forgot I had some that I hadn't uploaded.  So, below you will find a video from Tampa on our 100th performance, a backstage video from the Thunderstudies venture to Dallas, and me in my hotel room here in Grand Rapids.  Enjoy!

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