Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bienvenido a Miami!!!!

It's been a great couple of days here in Miami.  On Tuesday, the boys and m'am, along with Dan Mills who is the Carl Perkins u/s in NY did a promo at the Hard Rock Cafe here in Miami.  It was a pain to get there (the cab driver tried to take me to the Hollywood, FL Hard Rock that's 15 miles away), but they rocked it out.  Later that night, the Thunderstudy boys and I headed to the American Airlines Arena to sing the National Anthem and play a promo at the Miami Heat's home opener against my boys, the Boston Celtics. 

The Anthem went pretty well....although the sound guys didn't seem to remember to turn on our mics...and we were hoping it might be televised....oh well.  The promo went great, however; we played to over 400 people in the arena's beer garden.  Man, it was a lot of fun. 

I'm getting ready to play Sam Phillips for the rest of the weekend.  I will be on for the Friday night show, as well as both shows on Saturday and the matinee on Sunday.  I'm not sure whether I'm more or less nervous to perform as Mr. Phillips or Cash.....I guess we'll find out. 

Anyway, enjoy the new pictures and videos, and tell your friends!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Yay Florida!!! Yay Christmas!!! Yay, I went on!!!!!

It's been a little bit since I've updated my blog, so here's what's been happening. 

We had a great run in Indianapolis, eventhough most of the cast succumbed to what I have dubbed the MDFlu.  We had a few understudies go on, and continued to collect for BC/EFA.....we ended up raising just about $40,000 and selling a TON of albums.  And, I may have made a silly video of Billy.  Check it out here.....

Then, we headed off to sunny Florida!  It was a short week here in Naples, since we only had shows on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  But, the show was well received, and most importantly....I GOT TO GO ON AS JOHNNY CASH!!!!  It was an amazing experience....though very much a whirlwind, and I couldn't have done it without the help of my castmates, and the support of Rachael and my parents; thankfully, they were they to watch!  Now, we are hunkering down for a few days to celebrate Christmas, as the cast goes their seperate ways.  So, a Merry Christmas to everyone, and I'll have A LOT more news when we get to Miami!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Big surprises and great times in Indianapolis!!!!

There is oh so much to tell.  We arrived in Indy on Monday, and the last few days have been kinda a whirlwind.  Tuesday was a great opening night; a really cool theatre, a suprise performance by David (one of the Thunderstudies) on bass, and an opening night party at the Rathskeller.  It's at this restaurant/bar that our Million Dollar Brewski was unveiled, and we finally got to try some!  It's great! 

Last night came the BIG surprise.....W.S. "Fluke" Holland, best known as being a part of Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Three, recording the original takes of Blue Suede Shoes and Matchbox on drums, AND being part of the recording of the Million Dollar Quartet, played with the cast onstage!  That's right!  He came up on stage and played Matchbox and Run Run Rudolph with the boys!  Beforehand, we had the pleasure of getting some pictures, talking to him, and hearing some great stories about how he got his start. 

Today, a bunch of us were lucky enough to get a personal tour at the Sun King Brewery, makers of our Million Dollar Brewski!  I've never taken a tour like that, so it was cool to see the actual process of making beer. 

So, enjoy the videos and pictures, and stay tuned for a lot more news in Florida!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

MDQ, Nascar and an ice rink

It's been an interesting few days here in Charlotte.  We are in the midst of the ACC Football Championship; Clemson vs. Virginia Tech is at 8 tonight, and there are crazy, rabid fans for both teams roming the streets.  The entire Clemson team is staying at our hotel as well; so....I don't know whether to root FOR them (because the partying at our hotel tonight may be insane) or, root AGAINST them so that no one will be out partying.......I guess we'll see what happens.  So, me and the Thunderstudies did a promo tonight outside the NASCAR Hall of Fame near a public ice rink;  and here are some videos of our adventure.  Enjoy!