Wednesday, April 25, 2012

So this one time, I went to Folsom Prison.....

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog!  I had a nice couple of weeks off at home and in our nation's capitol, and now we are back on the road.  Unfortunately, I'm a little under the weather at the moment, but hopefully the fresh air and sunshine will get be better soon. 

My trip to Sacramento was long, but uneventful.  I don't think I've been on a single plane for more than 2 hours since my family and I flew to London 18 years ago.  So, after a couple of flights and layovers, I took a 5 hour flight from Atlanta to Sacramento.  I guess if nothing else, it'll prepare me for the extremely long flights we'll be taking to and from Japan in a few months. 

Everybody got right back into the swing of things as soon as we got into town.  Kinda an interesting theatre, but the audiences LOVED the show.  It was so nice to come back to that kind of energy. 

On Friday a bunch of us went to Folsom Prison; I was so excited to get the chance to go, even if it was only to take pictures.  But, we were able to visit the museum and buy a few mementos.  It was pretty creepy being just outside those walls, knowing that thousands of criminals were just inside.  However, it was great to stand where Johnny and his entourage stood more than 40 years ago. 

On Saturday, in between shows, the majority of the cast went to a great pizza place, Pizza Rock, and had a nice little "family" dinner.  As I was walking back to the theatre, I did something I haven't done in a very long time.....I gave my leftovers to a homeless guy on the street.  He asked me for money to buy some food, and I offered him my two slices of pizza.  He was overjoyed.  In fact, he walked over to a park bench and shared it with one of his friends.  Those are the times I am glad to help someone in need. 

That's about it for Sacramento.  Personal problems aside, it was a pretty good week.  We also celebrated our 200th show on tour (see the video below).  Well, it should be a relatively eventful two weeks here in Costa Mesa.  So, stay tuned!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

"I went on, accidentally, in Minneapolis, Minnesota"....

What a crazy week.  Though, considering we are in the midst of our final show before our 2 week vacation, I guess I expected the week to be a little funky.  But still....kinda crazy. 

We flew in on Monday, and it was immediately cold.  We had just left KC, and it was beautiful weather there.....then we apparently stumbled into "Winter II: The Sequel".  However, the week started off well with a GREAT promo by the boys and m'am at the Mall Of America (videos below).  It was probably the best setup and response we've had thus far.  Besides that, it was great to get to walk around the biggest mall in the country. 

That night I headed to the theatre for our orientation as usual, and got to see and talk to our director, Eric Schaeffer (Mr. Phillips, as we call him) for a bit.  I was in the dressing room as usual, when I headed up to get some water at places.  I passed Chris in the hallway, and he didn't look good.  The next thing I knew, the announcement came over the monitors that he was out and I was on.......I FLEW down the stairs, and with the help of Susan (our awesome wardrobe/wig diva) and David and Krug our stage managers, I managed to get dressed, get my mic on, assemble my props and make it to stage left to start the show.  Phew.  I never would've been able to get ready in 15 minutes had it not been for their help, for which I am eternally greatful. 

The show went quite well that night, and as though the theatre gods were looking down on me, it was World Theatre Day.  Ha.  As the show neared the final curtain, I had the extreme pleasure to introduce W.S. Fluke Holland to join us onstage for the encore.  I'd watched Chris do it about 10 times, but standing onstage and shaking that man's hand as I gushed about his influence on me, music, and this magical night in history, I was very moved.  Following the show we had a wonderful opening night party featuring W.S. and his band!  I was brought to tears as he closed his performance, just as Johnny always did, with Ragged Old Flag.  And, the water works started again when I was introduced to his wife, who not only gushed about my peformance, but handed me a pair of autographed drumsticks.  Man, that was a great night. 

On Wednesday and Thursday, the Thunderstudies and I had rehearsal.  The first was for our new company member and Dyanne u/s for Toronto, et al, Katie Barton.  She watched Wednesday's rehearsal, and got her first crack at the role on Thursday.  Eric watched the rehearsal on Wednesday as well, and was very complimentary about my work the night before.  I was so surprised and pleased, I kinda floated through the next few days. 

So, Friday came around, and a bunch of us headed to the Mall Of America to do a bit of shopping and ride some rides.  Then, I got the surprise phone call that I would be on for Cash that night.  Thankfully, I had more than enought time to get the theatre, get into my wig and get ready.  Another great show and a great audience, followed by a really pleasant talkback after the show.  A few people in the audience gave me some very nice compliments; it was just the icing on the cake of a great week. 

The next couple of days paled in comparison the the craziness and excitement of the first few.  After a couple of great meals, laughs, drinks and goodbyes, we all made our seperate ways on Monday morning. 

I've been in Maine enjoying vacation for the last couple of days, and I'll be heading to pick Rachael up at the airport for our trip to DC this week!  So, enjoy this blog, because it'll be the last until the tour picks up again in Sacremento!  Have a good couple of weeks!!!!!!!!