Friday, March 15, 2013

"You may go to hell. I, will go to Texas"

Hello, everyone! I hope everyone is doing well! This past week found the Million Dollar Quartet National Tour in Fort Worth, Texas.  Which, let me tell you, was a welcome change from the cold we had been experiencing in the Midwest and Northeast.  We stepped off the plane in Dallas/Fort Worth, and were greeted with 80 degree weather....what a relief.  I spent most of that first evening just chilling at the hotel, but got my dinner across the street at Jake's Burgers...and had the best cheese fries I've ever had.  Mmm mmm mmm. 
On Tuesday, I walked around quite a bit, taking in the area around the hotel and theatre.  I had played the gorgeous Bass Hall (pictures above) before 6 or 7 years ago when I was on tour with Nebraska Theatre Caravan's production of A Christmas Carol; but the area has built up quite a bit.  So, I felt very turned around in a city I thought I had remembered quite well.  That night, the show opened well and without a hitch as usual.  Our opening night party was at PF Chang's, one of my favorite restaurants, and once they closed, a few of us headed to a local favorite, the Flying Saucer.  Which, incidentally, was where our promo was planned for the next day.  So, Wednesday morning came, and the boys, m'am and I walked to the Flying Saucer for a promo on a gorgeous day in downtown Fort Worth.  It was probably the best promo we have ever done, and there were TONS of people out there (videos below).  A local bakery, the Cupcakery, made a signature MDQ cupcake that they were selling in their store, and brought a few of them as well as an MDQ logo cupcake for us to bring back to the rest of the cast (pictured above).  Following a great meal, I walked around that area, Sundance Square, and visited a few local businesses.  The Texas Rangers' Team Store had some shirts that were ridiculously priced, but after a few other stops I decided to get a new western shirt at Leddy's, a mainstay of Fort Worth.  I kept walking, and not far from our hotel I found the Hilton, which happens to be the hotel that JFK spent his final night in before that fateful day in Dallas the following day.  There was a beautiful memorial to him (pictured above) that I spent quite a bit of time at.   
Thursday came and went pretty quickly, but I did have rehearsals for both my session at Sun Records and Cody's.  Memphis is creeping up on us, so we are all trying to make sure we are prepared when the time comes to get the most out of our sessions. 
On Friday, I took a cab down to the historic Fort Worth Stockyards; just a very interesting area, and a glimpse into what Fort Worth looked like in a bygone era (pictures above).  I walked around for quite a while, taking in the sights, taking pictures, and I even got a hot dog at the Love Shack, known more for their burgers, but it made a great snack as I walked around in the drizzling rain. 
Saturday and Sunday came and went with little excitement other than our typical 4 show weekend.  On Monday, we were carted off to the airport to make our way to Atlanta, which is where I am writing you from now. 
So, I hope this week's blog finds you well.  I've been enjoying my time here in not-so-HOT-Lanta thus far, and getting to see some of my friends from the Springer Opera House.  But, more about that next week.  Until then, take care!

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