Saturday, June 16, 2012

Just too darn hot....

Hello, friends!  I hope this week's blog finds you well. 

Just to be honest, not TOO much excitement last week in Tempe, AZ.  This Maine boy doesn't do well with the heat, so I didn't venture out all that much to take pictures or sight see.  That said, here are the highlights......

As if it wasn't hot enough in Salt Lake City when we left, we arrived in Tempe to find 100 degree temperatures (it got as hot as 106 while we were there).  Needless to say, being outside wasn't really an option during the day. 

On Monday, the boys sang the National Anthem at a Diamondbacks game.  Although I wasn't able to go, word is that the boys did a great job! 

On Tuesday, they went to the Phoenix Hard Rock to show them a thing or two about rock n' roll.  Again, they put on a great show. 

On opening night we ventured to Monti's Steakhouse, a mainstay in Tempe since the late 1800's.  A very unassuming place, but amazingly cool.  The restaurant has 14 different rooms that are all completely different, and can accomodate 900 people at a time.  I actually went there the night before with a friend, and we were lucky enough to sit in what used to be the original courtyard, fountain still intact.  Amazing ribs and bacon wrapped filet.  Mmmm. Bacon wrapped filet......

Over the next few days, most of us layed pretty low, enjoying the air conditioning in our room, and walking around as little as possible.  I did, however, get to visit some of my favorite places from years past.  Tempe is very close to Mesa, where I worked for quite a while at the Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre.  Unfortunately, the theatre closed right before I got to town this time.  So, I got to visit my favorite resale store, Buffalo Exchange, and my second favorite record store, Zia Records. 

I had a really nice day shopping with Rosie that Friday, and even helped her pick out a dress or two!  Turns out she had been shopping at a vintage store online, Meat Market Vintage, and it's based in Tempe!  So, she got to see the store she had been shopping virtually at for years.  Pretty cool. 

Above all, I got to spend a lot of time in Tempe with new and old friends.  A college friend of mine works at a children's theatre there, and I hadn't seen her in 12 years.  A buddy that played bass in Ring Of Fire with me also lives there with his girlfriend, and they not only got to see the show, but we hung out together for a few nights.  And, one of my favorite directors was able to see the show, and come out for a drink afterward.  That was the best part of Tempe; spending quality time with people. 

So, we're in Sin City....Las Vegas this week.  I have TONS of pictures and plenty of stories to write for my next blog.  So, make sure to tune in next week!

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