Thursday, June 21, 2012

The home of CSI!!! Oh, and I heard there are some shows and gambling here or something....

Hello all!  I hope you are well!  This past week we were in Sin City; Las Vegas.  And, although the week started out strongly, let me tell is NOT my kind of town. 

First of all, we stepped off the plane into 106 degree weather.  And it was about that temperature the whole week.  That said, it was a pretty good week.  We stayed at the Golden Nugget Casino, on the "old strip" near Fremont St.  There were certainly a lot of things to see.....some of them I wish I hadn't.....but the area we stayed in afforded us the ability to see the most of what Vegas had to offer. 

Our hotel had a fish tank adjacent to the pool....and a 3 floor waterslide that actually went through the tank.....filled with a bunch of different, large fish, and quite a few sharks.  I got the chance to swim a bit and ride the slide on one of our last days in town.  It was pretty awesome....though, you really couldn't see the fish as well as I had hoped while riding the slide. 

I was joined by a very good friend for most of the week, and we were able to see a lot around us.  I tried to make it to the boys and m'am's promo at the Hard Rock on Tuesday, but given that there are 3 Hard Rocks in Vegas.....I not only got lost, but went to the wrong one.  Oh well.  At least I got to see the Hard Rock, and get my pins!

I watched the show opening night.....the theatre we played, the Smith Center, was magnificent.  A brand new space, costing more than $500,000,000 (see pictures above).  Other than a few kinks that I'm sure they will work out, the theatre is stunning. The sound and space are wonderful, and I hope that the people of Las Vegas know what a jewel they have in that theatre. 

Among other stops, I had to hit Hash House A Go Go.  Famous for their chicken and waffles, I got one of the biggest blueberry pancakes I have ever seen in my life.  It was so good I had to go back the next day to get something else. 

I got to walk around the Flamingo hotel a bit, and most importantly Caesar's Palace.  What a beautiful place.  John Michael had been there before, so he brought me to the Forum shops there, and all over the complex to take pictures (see above). 

Vastly different from Caesar's was Circus Circus.  Much different than I's very much oriented to children and families, with rides and midway style games everywhere.  It was a fun day there, but I'm certainly glad we weren't staying at that hotel. 

On Friday, I drove the boys and Rosie to the Stratosphere.  Similar to Seattle's Space Needle, it offers amazing views of the entire area....with visibilty for miles and miles.  The highest observation deck sits just under 900 feet.  But that's not the only reason we were up there.....we went up so that the boys could ride the ridiculous rides up there.  I would try to explain, but I would much rather have you watch the video below.....

One of the highlights of the cast's week was heading to the Neon Museum.  Not far from the hotel, it is a collection and preservation of some of the classic signs from Vegas' history.  I took hundreds of pictures.  The downside was, at 106 degrees, it was more like 115 in the sun with no shade.  But, it was worth it. 

I also got to go on twice in Las Vegas.  The first time on Friday for the entire creative staff and producers as Sam Phillips, and Sunday's matinee as Johnny Cash.  It was great to go on as always, and I loved being able to perform in such a brand new space. 

However, by the end of the week I was very much ready to leave.  An expensive pair of headphones were stolen out of my bag in my dressing room, and the heat and prices really started to get to me.  As one person in our group said, "Vegas is the type of place you want to stay for 2 days.  Not a week". 

So, we're here in Los Angeles for the next two weeks before we get a week off for July 4th.  With tons of friends out here, some visiting, and lots of sights to see, I'm sure i'll have much more to report next week.  Enjoy!

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