Monday, March 5, 2012

"The fog at white and bright...."

Hello, folks, and welcome to my latest blog.  Please take the time to locate and identify the pictures above.  Ha!

It was a nice week in Houston.  Pretty low key, but overall great! 

The boys played a promo at the Hard Rock Cafe on Tuesday, and it really started the week off well.  Besides, it never hurts that whenever we do a promo at a Hard Rock, I get to get a jump on my pin collection....not to worry, I'll show you pictures of the over 50 pins I have thus far. 

We had a very nice opening party at Artista, a swanky restaurant attached to the GORGEOUS theatre.  Delightful finger foods, and a lot of happy donors and board members gushing about the cast, as well as our main man in Houston, Kenny.  More about Kenny in a bit. 

On Thursday, a few of us headed to the Rodeo!  Although we unfortunately didn't get to see any ridin' and ropin', we did get to see some livestock and shop at over 100 vendors' stands.  And most importantly, we sampled the finest fried foods and BBQ that the Rodeo had to offer.  I had the fried Oreos....mmmm.....Oreos....covered in powdered sugar and and caramel sauce.  Billy opted for the dumfounding FRIED KOOL-AID.  I'm not really sure I understand it....which doesn't really matter since it was DELICIOUS.  I guess they took the powdered red Kool-Aid, mixed it with batter, threw it into some oil.  Yumtastic. 
The rest of the gang continued to watch some of the livestock while I shopped and bought some ridiculously expensive and delicious salted almond caramel.  They saw a baby calf being born...and then the afterbirth.  Thankfully, I was buying food and missed that.......

On Friday, The Jam, Billy and I headed to the Museum of Natural History.  There was so much there, we never would've seen the whole thing in an entire day.  Here are the highlights:
First of all, they had a very informative insect display, and a huge greenhouse filled with more butterflies than I ever thought existed.  At the end, they had an insect vending machine.  No, that's not a joke.  Various insects in boxes in a variety of flavors, including BBQ, Cheddar, Sour Cream and Onion, Salt and Vinegar and Sweet and Sour.  The Jam went for it and bought some (gulp) crickets and (double gulp) larvae.  I took pictures.  I'm glad I did. 
They had a big "Civil War exhibit", which at first seemed a little dissapointing because it was a lot of pictures and information, but no artifacts.  We then turned the corner and found one of the largest private collections in the world....private, as in, owned by a married couple.  I forget the term, but every item in their collection can be traced to it's original owner, so everything has a unique and authentic story.  Most impressive in the exhibit however, was the ORIGINAL draft of the 13th Amendment.  A very enthusiastic museum worker talked to us at length about it, and noted that Abraham Lincoln used a full line to sign, and that generally he didn't sign his full name.  In this case, he signed his full name; a clear indicator that he was very proud of this monumental moment in Civil Rights.  As should be everyone in this country. 

On Saturday, Kenny (I mentioned him before.  He works for Broadway Across America, and was the most gracious host we have had yet on tour) took us all out to his restaurant, Kenny and Ziggy's.  First of all, it was like we stepped into a restaurant on 8th Ave in Manhattan.  Except for the fact that it was huge.  But, the walls were covered with Playbills, signed show posters from national tours and original Broadway casts, and caricatures.  Second, the food was INCREDIBLE.  I tried chopped liver for the first time; I have to say, I was surprised.  It was fantastic.  I tried a little stuffed cabbage which was also unreal, and then....the main course.  The best and biggest Reuben I've ever had.  Hot damn.  I wish I had one right now. 

Well, that's about it from Houston.  Again, a great week and a wonderful performing arts center.  Oh, one last thing.  They have a great giftshop there, and I wasted no time spending an obscene amount of money on cast recordings I didn't own yet.  Oh well.  It's tax deductible, and research.  They will come in handy. 

I'm writing this from Dallas, and I am already impressed.  Tomorrow I'll be heading to our promo at the House Of Blues, and then off to opening night.  More news to come from Dallas!  Stay tuned!

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