Thursday, February 9, 2012

Good times in the land of Beer and Cheese

Hello, friends!  We are nearing the end of our week here in Appleton and looking forward to a crazy week ahead in Memphis.  The week started off strong with a top-notch promo at City Center Plaza downtown (a few videos I took from a funky angle are posted below.  I apologize in advance for the oblivious women in front of me bobbing her head.  She didn't seem to know I was there.  But, at least she was enjoying herself!).  Not only a great performance, but there were a TON of people there.  Tickets sales and audience response have been great here, so we are all happy to be here! 

There's quite a bit to do here, so I've spent my time visiting all of the coffee shops on the main drag, as well as sampling the local food....mmmm....cheese curds....

On Wednesday, I headed to the Museum At The Castle; a great overview of the history of the town/county, as well as a special exhibit on Harry Houdini (he claimed Appleton as his birthplace.  Though he lived there in his early years, he was actually born in Hungary).  A nice way to spend the day inside, and learn A LOT about a pretty fascinating man.  Then, I walked around the campus of Lawrence University.  A gorgeous little campus, and when it was founded in the mid 1800's it was coed; something I didn't know. 

Like I said, next week is going to be pretty crazy.  We have a lot of promotional events planned, our entire creative team and the producers will be there, AND Rachael is coming for the weekend!  So, I will try to keep this updated, but I may not have any time.  Hope the winter is treating everyone well!

I just realized....I have no idea if Phil saw his shadow or not......

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