Sunday, July 5, 2015

A gorgeous backdrop for the week's start, the home of Breaking Bad and another battle with illness

The view from our hotel in Colorado Springs, Co

The Garden of the Gods; a truly amazing place 

Pikes Peak Center, Colorado Springs, CO

A first for this combination on stage! 

A little excursion to Manitou Springs, CO 

Popejoy Hall, Albuquerque, NM

The view on our drive to New Mexico

Some angry skies before the show in Colorado Springs 

Gabe doing his best Stefan 

Beautiful downtown Las Vegas....New Mexico....

Some early morning press with Bryan!!

A new week brings a new meme! 

Hello everyone.  At this point in time, I am almost a month behind on my blogging.  The last few weeks have certainly been a challenge for the cast and crew, and personally I have had a bit of a rough time.  But, without too much foreshadowing, I will attend to the business at hand: the events of our week in Colorado and New Mexico.  Here we go!

We had a late call on Monday morning for our flight from Tulsa into Denver, with an impeding drive to Colorado Springs.  It was really a painless travel day, and we were settled into our hotel in the late afternoon.  I spent much of the day catching up with my parents, and looking out on our beautiful surroundings (above); there have been some things going on with my family of late, so it was important to me to have the time to catch up and get all of the necessary information.  I got a quick dinner nearby, and ran into some of the cast and crew at a local establishment before heading to my room to chill.  I ventured down to the outdoor pool with a few people that evening, including our very own Lee Ferris who was joining us for the week to understudy Gabe, with Bradley having left us and Skye recently being bumped up to a double cover.  It was not only great to see him, but to be able to catch up with him for a while.  I opted to make it an early night, and left the rest of the boys and gals to their own devices.  

I had quite a few things I wanted to get done on Tuesday, so I ventured out early in hopes of accomplishing some errands, getting lunch and coffee.  Once I was done, I decided to take the short drive to The Garden Of The Gods (above), a gorgeous park filled with hiking trails and amazing rock formations.  I drove around for quite a while, hopping out of the rental car at every scenic overlook to snap shots of my surroundings.  Following a few hours of that, I headed back to the hotel and got stuck in traffic because of an accident ahead.  I got home with more than enough time to chill before the boys and I would need to head to the show that evening.  Jake had the week off, which meant that Skye would be joining us on stage as Elvis for the entire week.  In addition, Aly would be joining us as Dyanne for the evening.  It marked the first time the two of them had performed the show together (above), so that added a nice twist to things.  We made our way to the Pikes Peak Center (above) for the first of two shows in Colorado Springs, and though the audience seemed a bit reserved, it turned out to be a great show.  Following the show I met up with some of the crew, albeit by coincidence, at the Chik Fil A next to our hotel.  Following a bite of what we like to call "hate chicken", I went back to my room for a low key night.  

I slept in quite late on Wednesday, and once I got up it was definitely time for some Starbucks and a bite to eat.  I spent much of the day wandering around Manitou Springs (above), as well as running a few more errands before heading back to my hotel room for some R and R before our last show in town.  The show went much better than the first, and then it was time to unwind a bit in Frace's room.  After a terrible haircut, Gabe did his best impression of Stefan from Saturday Night Live for us; I think we all needed a good laugh with what would be a busy rest of the week ahead.  

It was a very early morning on Thursday, as we had a sizable amount of ground to cover to get to Albuquerque on time.  In the middle of the day we made what would be one of our more interesting lunch stops in Las Vegas.....New Mexico.  I opted for a quick couple of New York style pizza slices before taking a few pictures of the tiny downtown (above) and heading back to the bus to complete the rest of our journey.  We arrived in ABQ with very little time to spare before we had to head to the theatre that night.  After a long check in and a bit of time to sit before heading out, the boys and I made our way to Popejoy Hall (above) on the campus of UNM.  We were very much looking forward to being there for the rest of the week, and the response we got solidified that thought.  Following the show I went home and grabbed a quick drink at the bar before heading to bed.  Bryan and I had a very early day coming up.  

We woke up at the crack of dawn on Friday for a whole slew of press (above); radio, tv, and multiple stops for each.  It was the first time that Bryan and I had been paired to do press together, and I have to say it went extremely well.  However, I started to not feel the greatest during the day.  After all, it had only been two weeks since the last time I was sick.....sweet sassy molassy.  I was getting pretty tired of the cycle.  Once we were finished in the mid morning, I went home and did my best to sleep as much as possible, which was easier said than done.  I did, however, wake up starving.  So I walked next door to the Range Cafe, which came very highly recommended by our press rep.  After a great southwestern club, I went back to my room to chill for the rest of the early evening before the boys and I headed off to the theatre.  The show went extremely well that night, and after the show I met up with some of the cast and crew in the hotel restaurant before turning in.  

Saturday brought two shows, and I started feeling worse.  It was starting to get very frustrating; I could almost count on being sick every two weeks at that point.  I made it through both shows extremely well though, so I guess that was positive at least.  I opted to head back to the hotel and chill between, and after the evening show I did much the same.  I felt bad because though the bar was filled with insane people that weren't with our group, I never really got to say goodbye to Lee before he left.  Oh well.  I know I will see him soon, as it is never really goodbye in our business.  I also felt bad because I really wanted to see a bit more of what ABQ had to offer.  Aside from the Breaking Bad motorhome tour I wanted to take (or at the very least, just get the shooting locations from Google and head to them on my own), it just seemed like there were some cool things to do in town.  Alas, taking care of myself and resting so that I could do the show was much more important.  Thus, I was a bit of a hermit. 

Sunday was another busy day with two shows, and what I was experiencing as far as sinus pressure and not feeling well was coming to a head.  Frace was on as Sam for both shows (though I wouldn't have called out anyway), and both shows went extremely well; it was a nice way to close out the week.  I tried to get seen at an urgent care in between, but no dice.  I opted to get a salad and soup at Panera instead, and just try and get some rest before the evening show.  Following both shows, I hung out for a little bit with people that evening, but as I wasn't feeling the greatest and we had an early morning flight to New Jersey, I opted to make it an early night.  

Sorry this week's blog was so overdue, and not all that exciting dear readers.  I will be working tirelessly to catch you up on the last few weeks of tour, with all of the news good and bad.  Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for the next installment! 

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