Sunday, March 30, 2014

I-O-W-A, and Fighting Irish on St. Patty's Day (figurative, not literal)

The Gallagher-Bluedorn Performing Arts Center, Cedar Falls, IA

The Morris PAC, South Bend, IN

The Adler Theatre, Davenport, IA

Hello everyone!  Seems that my blogging duties keep getting put on the back burner, but I hope you are still tuning in!  After two great weeks (sickness aside) in Denver, we left the Mile High City and headed off to Cedar Falls, IA. And here are the moderately exciting events of the week!

We landed in Cedar Rapids, and my ears were completely blocked and wouldn't pop.  It had been quite a while since I had been sick on a plane, and this was something I certainly hadn't experienced before.  I was freaking out a bit, but was glad that we had flown in on a Monday and that we didn't have a show that night.  After settling in a bit and researching urgent care clinics, I headed to the Hyvee grocery store with Lee to get a few things, and after dropping him off, I went to one, and then another urgent care to make sure I could get in in a reasonable amount of time.  There wasn't anything majorly wrong, which was a relief.  I was given a an antibiotic to take care of my ears, and some decongestant.  After picking them up at the same Hyvee we had already been to, I went home to hibernate for the night, and to get some rest before our first show in Cedar Falls the next day.  

Tuesday was a pretty boring day; I laid low in my room all day trying to feel a bit better.  Vince had taken a bit of time off the week prior, and though Cody had left us and Tyler returned, both Robby and Frace went on that night.  The show went pretty well, and I came straight back home to rest for the following day.  

Wednesday was more of the same, as there wasn't exactly a whole lot to see around the area.  I was starting to feel a whole lot better though, and Tyler joined me on a run to Target for a few things, and some much needed walking around and not being hold up in my room.  Robby and Frace joined us on stage again that night, and after a brief talkback, we again went home so I could get some R and R.  

Feeling even better on Thursday, I did an interview for our upcoming week in Nashville this May, and even took myself out for some "real" food; I had been having mostly soup for the last week, so I decided to head to Culvers for a gooey, wonderful bacon cheeseburger.  MMMM.  Bacon cheeseburger......That night, Tyler and Vince joined us back on stage, and we closed our few shows in Cedar Falls with a bang.  It was a good way to ease us into the next few crazy weeks, and I was trying to get as much rest as I could so I could be back in tip top shape.  

We got up pretty early on Friday to make the lengthy drive to South Bend, IN.  Yet another town I had never been to, and unfortunately, I wasn't going to be able to see the Notre Dame campus with our busy schedule.  We got in with not much time to spare, and after running an errand with Stephanie, I gathered my things and headed with Lee and Tyler to the theatre.  A beautiful old theatre (above), but renovated and updated for bigger, modern shows, the Morris PAC was a great venue, and the crowds went pretty wild for us.  Since I was feeling quite a bit better, I joined Robby and Frace and hung out in Frace's room for a while that night.  

Saturday was pretty busy with two shows, but both went amazingly well.  In between I got a bit to eat with Tyler, and was looking forward to reuniting with my friend Jess that night.  I directed her in Ring Of Fire at the nearby Round Barn Theatre; she was the fiddle player, and in fact was there when I got the call on my first day in town telling me that I would be heading out with MDQ!  She joined a large group of us at Corby's, a faux Irish bar close to the hotel.  Afterall, it was approaching St. Patty's Day.  We all had a great time hanging out, and it was really nice to see her and catch up on all that she has been doing.  

Sunday brought another drive and show, this time back across the Midwest to Davenport, IA.  I had gotten word that Marc, an old friend of mine would be in attendance that night, so I was looking forward to that.  After a late drive, we didn't have much time before the show, but luckily it was within a short walk from the hotel.  Another fantastic show and crowd followed that night, and Marc joined Tyler and I at the hotel bar for some food and much needed conversation and catching up.  

So, that is the recap of the beginning of our last three weeks in the frigid midwest.  Things got a bit crazy after this, but Florida is the light at the end of our proverbial tunnel.  Sorry there wasn't much that happened this week, but every week can't be the most exciting.  There is plenty more to come though, and I PROMISE there will be another blog coming shortly.  Thanks for reading, and I'll be back with more news from the road soon!  Oh, and it is crazy to think about....but this week marked my 101st, 102nd, and 103rd  city on tour!!  Crazy!!!

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