Sunday, October 6, 2013

Tech, tech and more tech

Ah yes. Even the Man In Black stayed here...

The Pullo Center for the Performing Arts

York, PA blog

Hey there kids! Time for a bit of an update of tour thus far! I apologize that this one may not be as long or exciting, but I assure you I will make up for it in the future! 

After our final run through on Monday in NYC, we boarded the bus to take the short trip to York, PA the following day. It was pretty surreal to stand on the corner of Broadway and 51st, next to the Winter Garden theatre as we loaded the bus. I was very much looking forward to the fact that we were staying at the Yorktowne Hotel; a historic, haunted hotel, and one of my favorites from my years of touring and traveling. 

After our arrival, I convinced Tyler and Rob to take a little trip with me to Trio Bar and Grill, one of my homes away from home, in Lancaster. We got roped into playing a little trivia, but it was fun to get out and let loose a bit with the boys; especially considering the week would be very busy.

The next day we started tech, and it went amazingly smooth. We donned our costumes and wigs for the first time on Wednesday night, and though it had been quite a while, it all seemed to come right back to me. And that wig still fits like a glove.  It was relatively close quarters in the dressing rooms at the Pullo Center, so the entire quartet, along with Corey and Patrick were together in one room. But we certainly made the most of it.

Tech was going SO smoothly in fact, that it allowed our Thunderstudies the time to get on stage and work through the show just as we had been. I did the rehearsals as well, allowing Frace to be able to focus on Sam, and not have to do double duty at rehearsal. 

We had our first preview that Saturday night, and for our first go around with an audience, it went amazingly well. We were really getting to the point where we NEEDED an audience, and we got one just in time. The following day we had a random 3 o'clock matinee, and that night we packed up to head to DC. 

Like I said, I'm sorry that this blog isn't more exciting, and is long overdue. But, as we are about to finish our time here in DC, I can assure you there will be much more to tell in my blog from the nation's capitol. Take care, and stay tuned!

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