Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving, and the beginning of MDQ 2.0!!

Hello all! I hope everyone had a great start to their holiday season! We spent Thanksgiving together as a cast in Greenville, SC. And it was a pretty eventful week for a holiday! Here are some of the highlights.

We arrived in Greenville to find the weather a bit cooler than Ft. Lauderdale. However, we were pleased to find that Greenville was a beautiful, inviting little town. Eateries, coffee shops and bars dotting the street outside our hotel.....which, though "nice", was under massive construction, which made things a bit weird. Construction going on at all hours, and the sidewalks around the hotel were blocked off. But, we made the most of it.

Tuesday night started off strong with a great opening night performance. Me and the rest of the Thunderstudies went out to watch and support all of our new boys, and it was great to see the audience react so strongly, and enthusiastically to them! I think the felt the love that night, and knew that above all else, that they were now part of our family.

On Tuesday morning, David Sonneborn, the Jam and I ventured out around town. Aside from all of the awesome shops around, there was a gorgeous river walk that we stopped at for quite a bit. Following that, we made our way to Fluor Field, home of the Greenville Drive....single A affiliate of the Boston Red Sox. Which, was great for me to see! Not sure if the boys cared that much....but we also stopped at the Shoeless Joe Jackson museum. I have been a big fan of his since I was a kid, so I was very excited to find out not only was Greenville Joe's hometown, but the museum was there! Unfortunately, it was closed that day....but I made it back on Saturday to take the tour. Though small, it was a great tribute to one of the greatest hitters in the history of baseball, and a man who was unfortunately banned from baseball after the 1919 World Series when his team, the Chicago White Sox threw the series. For more info on that, I suggest two of my favorite movies of all time: Field Of Dreams and Eight Men Out. I talked to the staff for quite a while, and even posed for a picture that they posted on their Facebook page! (See above)

Wednesday was spent walking around a bit, but also working an upcoming project of mine....more about that later. For Thanksgiving, our company manager's set up a family dinner at a local restaurant called Soby's. It's crazy to think that we were doing very much the same a full year ago in Charlotte, NC. More than a full year on the road; things have changed so much around us, but in essence we are still the family we were then.

Friday, I went out by my lonesome around town. I did a bit more work on my project, played a bit of guitar, and even hit an independent record store. Saturday was my day to go to Shoeless Joe's house, as I said, and also to take a bunch a pictures of the river walk and some of the old advertisements painted on the age old brick buildings around town.

Sunday, as usual was busy with two shows and load out. Monday morning brought an early travel day to the Charm City, Baltimore. So, I hope you enjoyed this week's blog, and stay tuned for news from Maryland next week!

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